Linda Silva



by Linda Silva


Eat Street Barcelona


Cofounder/Project manager

Marketing strategist



2013 – 2015

One never forgets the first time. The excitement, the fear, the love. Eat Street was my first; the reason why I do what I do, my school and my home.

I had the pleasure to bring to life the first street food festival ever seen in Spain. It was a boomer experience that brought my skills to the next level: I passed from no experience to being an expert in all things licensing, marketing, hospitality and events production. A 3 year experience that I still bring in my heart with love and pride. 

This is a part of what I did to make it live and grow healthy, from the idea to the reality:

Project management:

  • - Venue research, licensing and city council meetings
  • - Insurances and permits, risk prevention 
  • - Sponsorship 
  • - Establish contact with chefs, staff for the events, volunteers, musicians, illustrators and photographers/videographers
  • - Managing the event budget 
  • - Schedule and planning: from ideation to execution


  • - Marketing strategy, launching campaign
  • - Monitoring social media and copywriting
  • - Creating press releases and blogspots to send to bloggers, general press and food and drinks specialists
  • - Measure and report marketing campaigns 
  • - Analyse consumer behaviour and adjust the marketing campaign according to results


  • - Set up/set off, on site services
  • - Customer service
  • - PR, meets and greets
  • - Participants' support 

Eat Street reunites international chefs that cook special dishes for the events. For every new edition we would invite different chefs, different musicians and different artists to take part of what we called “food party”. If you’ve seen the video above, you will get why.


We had the pleasure to hold the events in some of Barcelona’s most iconic venues: from downtown to the port, from Raval neighbourhood to Glòries. One of the hurdles I had to overcome was to ensure that we had the proper licenses and permits from the city council to use public spaces with all the safety needed.

TIP: Eat Street was the first festival allowed to use the beautiful space that you can see bellow:

Marketing elements such as posters, flyers, video and photography were vital in order to make the festival successful.

Always enjoy your work!

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