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by Linda Silva


Reubicados Colectivo


Project manager/founder

Marketing Strategy



Different events during 2016

Reubicados is a badass international gastronomic project that I founded in 2016.

         ~ We travel, we cook, we create ~

It is a nomadic restaurant focused on offering gastronomic experiences: no frills but lots of care for every single detail. I was thrilled to team up with many talented chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, photographers, designers, dj's…to bring to life some rad pop ups in Barcelona, Porto and Amsterdam.

And what did I do to make it happen?

Keep reading, though this is just 5 cents of what it actually takes ;) 

Project management:

  • - Venue research
  • - Meetings and follow up with venue owners and contributors 
  • - Resource planning 
  • - Cost estimating and budget management
  • - Analysing and managing project risk
  • - Closing: list project achievements and failures

Marketing and communication:

  • - Designing a marketing and communication strategy 
  • Deploy successful marketing campaigns: from ideation to execution
  • - Monitoring and managing social media
  • - Build strategic and strong relationships: partner with key industry players, chefs and artists
  • - Oversee and approve marketing materials: from posters, flyers and photography to copywriting
  • - Measure the performance of each marketing campaign, gain insight and assess against goals
  • - Analyse consumer behaviour: creating statistics 


  • - Customer service
  • - Drinks assessment
  • - Set up/set off of the events
  • - Talk, talk and talk

Guerrilla Dining

Illustrator Juan Linares created the first posters for the Guerrilla Dining Concept. I organised 2  editions in 2 different venues. 

2 chefs, 1 love

The Guerrilla Dinings were designed to create connections between young chefs, the consumers and synergies through the kitchen.

Chefs Laila Bahzam and Jeff Espinoza were my partners in crime in this exciting adventure. They designed a special menu for the event, and it was accompanied by 2 cocktails and 1 craft beer. Photography by Zac van Lab.


A Rota was a 2 day pop up happening in Porto, Portugal. For these events I had the great opportunity of collaborating with 5th generation winery Niepoort Vinhos.

Niepoort Cellar in Douro, Portugal

For A Rota I chose 2 different locations in Porto Downtown: a wine tasting room and a rooftop Hotel. Guests were able to choose between a one night seat or a two nights experience. In both dinners guests would find a complete different selection of dishes and wines.

Many press and bloggers from Porto attended the event, and the feedback from all the guests was very positive. Yay!!


The collaboration with dutch brewers Kaapse Brauers came after some trips I made to Rotterdam. I completely fell in love with the city and the amazing project Kaapse's founders have in there: Fenix Food Factory. 

2 chefs from the Fenix project made it to Barcelona to join chef Laila in the kitchen, and Kaapse founders joined me in the front of house. 

TIP: Cena del fuego happened during Sant Joan's night, so inspired by the fireworks and bonfires we decided that call it that way would make completely sense. 

Food, drinks, friends, what a match!

Are you into gastronomy? Want to organise a gathering for your work mates? Or perhaps for your friends and family? Let’s create something cool and tasty!