Linda Silva


London's top Beer event


London Craft Beer Festival


Project manager

Staff coordinator

Artist liaison


July 2018

London Craft Beer Festival organised by agency We Are Beer is one of the most renowned beer events in Europe.

This annual event celebrated at the majestic Tobacco Dock in Tower Bridge brings together people from around the world for a 2 day celebration.

Main tasks as a project manager:

  • - Coordinate staff and operations
  • - Onsite support to invited brewers
  • - Help defining the project scope and main goals
  • - Create and schedule a project timeline to keep track of each task required to be done
  • - Event closing and feedback

Production times are the best!

Branded glassware for the festival

Tobacco Dock is a complex event venue that requires a detail set up and production to in order to make things happen. It’s been the home of the festival since the very beginning, and now it has become a symbol of the charm of the festival.


Tobacco Dock is one of the most beautiful and versatile venues to host big events.


Every space can offer a unique experience for the attendees, and it is totally equipped.

A work in progress

For this edition, the festival welcome near 15.000 people over the 2 days, 12 food vendors and 40 international breweries.

For the love of Beer & Events

If you end up an event feeling tired and knowing it’s worth every effort, then you end up an event feeling happy.