Linda Silva



Events Agency in Barcelona


Nomads Events


Project manager

Digital Marketing Strategist


2021 – 2023

Corporate and special events are a great way of bringing teams together to celebrate, do some networking and enjoy their time. 

The technology industry looks for creative ways of offering special events to their employees, and each event has to be tailor-made for each specific customer in order to meet their expectations.

Main tasks as a project manager:

- Create personalised briefings according to customer needs

  • - Get licences, contracts and agreements
  • - Meetings and follow up with clients
  • - Budget and briefing management
  • - People: get in touch with participants, food vendors, on site staff and volunteers
  • - Invoicing
  • - Onsite support for the events
  • - Help defining the project scope and main goals
  • - Create and schedule a project timeline to keep track of each task required to be done
  • - Events closing and feedback

Main tasks as a digital marketing strategist:

- Marketing strategy focused annual campaigns

- Newsletter creativity for customers and for specialised and general bloggers, journalists and influencers

- Monitor the marketing activities

- Mesure and report the performance of each of the marketing campaigns through social media

Production times are the best!

The calm before the storm

The main goal is to offer special and memorable events for the technology industry, and create proposals that include meals, team building activities, conferences, trips, special parties, etc.


The key to a successful events is to know very well what the needs and desires are and adapt accordingly.


Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important tasks when it comes to offer a special event.

Every event is completely adapted to the company’s needs, and the personalisation includes merchandising, communication and onsite coordination from the beginning to the end.

Personalisation is the future of tech events

Organising corporate events is a challenge in which every detail counts. The success of the experience depends on the attention to not leave anything out of place!