Linda Silva



by Linda Silva


Garage Beer Co. : Sant Andreu opening


Project manager

Marketing strategist



March 2017

Garage Beer Co. started as a brewpub in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood. I started working with the team as a marketing and events manager, looking after the social media, press and events happening at the brewpub.

The project got really popular pretty fast, and the need for an expansion became a reality after only 1 year of its foundation.

Project manager:

  • - Hire and coordinate people and operations
  • - Help defining the project scope and main goals
  • - Create and schedule a project timeline to keep track of each task required to be done
  • - Food & music: establishing clue relations with food vendors and musicians/dj’s for each event
  • - Evaluate the results after each event


  • - Marketing strategy focused on the opening campaign
  • - Press releases for specialised and general bloggers, journalists and influencers
  • - Sending invitations to special guests, clients and targeted beer specialists
  • - Social media curation and copywriting 
  • - Monitor the marketing budget
  • - Mesure and report the performance of each of the marketing campaigns, online/offline


  • - Coordinating departamental tasks
  • - Supervising maintenance: grounds and security
  • - Meet & greet customers
  • - PR during the events
  • - Implementing new procedures for a better guest experience

It all starts with a dream

The Sant Andreu brewery started operating in March 2017. The official opening was held the same week the Barcelona Beer Festival took place, and it was a 3 day events gathering.

For the occasion, many international and national brewers were invited, as well as Garage’s clients and special guests.

Pictures by Juanma Troy and Sergio Ávila

Art is an important part of the whole project, and each new beer has its own personality, reflected in its label. The graphic campaigns are synonymous with the positioning of the brand, and takes a front line importance in the marketing campaigns. The labels are created by Acreb Studio.

Probably one of the most brutal images you’ll see today


After the official opening party, we started doing monthly events coinciding with the new beer presentations, that would go straight from the tank to the kegs and cans.

A food vendor and a musician/dj would be invited to each event to complement the evening. 

Craft beer, art and music

A project like this is built on passion, but also in hard work, strategy and attention to details. Want to know more about new openings and beer events? Hit me up!