Linda Silva



by Linda Silva


Mash Beer Festival


Project Manager

Marketing Strategy



September 02 and 3rd, 2017

I had the great opportunity of running the first edition of Mash Craft Beer Festival back in 2017. It is a craft beer festival that brings together some of the top breweries in the world to showcase their freshest beers under the Barcelona sun. 40 international breweries, more than 120 different beers, 1 weekend and lots of fun. 

My role as a project manager included:

  • - Finding a venue to run the festival
  • - Get licences and festival insurances
  • - Meetings and follow up with the city council and venue owners
  • - Budget management
  • - People: get in touch with participants, food vendors, on site staff and volunteers

As for the marketing strategy, my main tasks were:

  • - Copywriting campaign for social media and press 
  • - Inbound marketing and SaaS
  • - Branding
  • - Market research and trends
  • - E-Commerce
  • - Meetings with designers and photographers to determine the graphic campaign 
  • - Clipping and results analysis


  • - Hotel booking for the 40 international guests
  • - Follow up calls and special needs requirements
  • - Pre and Afterparty for special guests
  • - Afterparty for the on site staff and volunteers

It is all about enjoying your work, have passion and have fun.

 Graphic Campaign 

The graphic illustration for the promotional poster was designed by Error Design, illustrator and designer based in Barcelona. 

He came up with the idea of creating a beer character a bit out of the ordinary.

We later called it Mr. Horseman. 

To reinforce the presence of this cool character, I came up with the idea of bringing it to live, literally taking it to the streets. I got the pleasure of having Sergio Ávila's support to make this idea come true: Sergio is a designer and photographer based in Barcelona, versatile and always willing to put crazy ideas into facts. 

So we took the photographic equipment, a willing volunteer to play the Mr. Horseman roll, and we got into the action. The result? These rad pics:

And of course, what type of festival would this be without some merchandise? A third designer took care of this, Norwegian based Andreas Maelver, a great designer responsible for Mash’s logo and merchandise design. 

This marketing campaign was decisive to give room to the festival into Barcelona’s cultural agenda. Many people still remember the horse.

And…finally we get to the great weekend. The images speak for themselves. All of the work was well worth the effort, and we had around 3.000 people visiting the venue during the weekend.

Work done!

My work on this festival not only gave me great professional experience, but also developed my interpersonal skills and helped me to understand what is required to create such a successful festival. Working with my team was just a great opportunity to grow in all senses. Thanks to all of you, you know who you are ;)

Shall we design your next festival together? Let's talk!