Linda Silva



by Linda Silva


Okupa Comedor Efímero


Project Manager

Marketing Strategy




oKupa was founded on the occupying of restaurants and other spaces by a team of chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and servers with a similar calling: to bring pleasure to others.

The result is a meeting point for small producers who work with nature and its seasons, and who renounce huge profit margins in favor of a respect for the land and sea, gardeners who work without pesticides and maintain a close dialogue with the land they work, wine growers who reject labels, and prefer to work free from the red tape of regulatory councils, and artisan-entrepreneurs who specialize in creating products that come from the heart.

I joined the team as an events producer and hospitality expert, and together we created some amazing pop ups in different restaurants around Barcelona and London. 

Project management:

  • - Venue research
  • - Meetings and follow up with venue owners and restauranteurs
  • - Manage event budget
  • - Create a schedule and project timeline
  • - Define required resources

Marketing strategist:

  • - Marketing strategy campaign, online/offline
  • - Inbound marketing strategy and SaaS
  • - Monitoring social media and copywriting
  • - Press releases and key contact with bloggers, press specialists and gastronomy experts


  • - Customer service, front of house
  • - Drinks consultancy: wine, beer and sake
  • - PR, meets and greets
  • - Meeting suppliers and contributors
  • - Set up/set off of each event


Graphic design has been always one of the main references to make the project shine. Each event would evoke imagery related to the concept we would present each time. Hands are important when cooking and serving, so we decided to give them visibility.

The name oKupa is far from accidental. Héctor, founder, had a very clear concept in that they would have the power to choose where and with whom they would work. The team is flexible enough to adapt to every venue and every situation, from the set up of the venue to the selection of products used for every event.

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oKupa has a strong relationship with small producers that work with non intrusive methods, people that, as the team itself, share the passion for good products in harmony with the season. From rebel wines to craft beers. From fish to local meat to organic herbs and vegetables.

Some of the places we occupied were Bar Brutal, Casa Bonay, Carousel London, Primavera Sound, Mano Rota, Hetta or Edge Brewing, between others.

Eat, drink, tour, repeat

Do you have any idea in mind? Tell me more, I'm listening.